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One of the GREATEST things in ALL my life has been the ability to Play Piano By Ear! I want YOU to have that ability, too!

Playing By Ear is much more than just playing tunes: It's far more than tones on a keyboard or coordinated fingers. It's a spirit in your playing; a communication of musical freedom, creativity and expression that sounds and feels totally wonderful!

If you have never played piano before, or if your talent is held hostage by the way you have learned to play, then set your creative self free!
In Piano Magic you'll start by learning the basics of chord structure, tones on the keyboard, playing by ear and packing artistic emotion into your music. You'll learn how to play melody, chords and rhythm with a full sound that normally would be expected to take years of study. Most important, from the beginning, you'll learn how to think like the music you want to play! When you think like music you are thinking like a composer...and from your earliest beginnings, you can BE a composer of new tunes. (Original Compositions by PM Members)


In Piano Magic, I focus exclusively on teaching my students how to play piano by ear - without reading music - by predicting upcoming chords likely to occur over the next several seconds. What's more, by knowing the chord in advance, you'll also know which tones will likely be used for playing melody by ear. This is THE important skill that will get you playing quickly, provide you with hours of daily playing enjoyment, and will give you a lifetime of musical FUN! According to thousands of my students, you won't find this information anywhere else.

Just so you know, reading music and playing by ear are both wonderful skills (I do both) and neither is in competition with the other. Instead, they are two distinctly different skills for playing the piano, but each different skill is best learned one-at-a-time.

Why should YOU learn to play piano by ear?
Answer: Because playing by ear is the most natural way to express yourself through music!

Learning to play before you read is the most logical first step, yet is completely overlooked in 'traditional' lessons. Learning to speak before you read, is the very foundation for understanding any language.

Think about this for a moment: If children were required to read English before speaking it, they probably would not speak intelligibly for many years; if ever! Yet, the majority of music students are taught that very method; read...then speak.

  • That's NOT how I learned to speak: That's NOT how I learned to play: That's NOT how I teach...because it seems illogical.


Now, think about this: It often takes years of lessons before a dedicated student can easily read and play a piece of written music in its entirety...but the person who created that same music (for music readers to 'read') first played it by ear! Weird, huh? There's more...

Most traditional instructors encourage their students to memorize their music, in order to perform without reading music. Unfortunately, because they are memorizing, instead of comprehending the structure of music that repeats through ALL tunes, they will soon forget...and THAT is a SHAME! All that work, and then it simply evaporates.

In my (almost) 50 years as a professional pianist, I have forgotten (almost) every piece of music I ever memorized. By contrast, I have retained the ability to play almost every piece of music I understood and could comprehend, and my repertoire includes hundreds (if not thousands) of tunes at any moment in time.


"I am delighted finding I can't wait to get home to my keyboard!"
- Barbara Albrecht -

"Your personality and enthusiasm come right out of your materials. Extremely beneficial and fabulously interesting!"
- Sharon R. Franchini -

"Excellent, Exciting, Useful."
- Buzz Sommers -

"I love it! Your instructions are clear and it all makes sense!
It is FUN!"
- Susan Johnston -

"Just right to spark my interest and desire to PLAY!
This should be a TV course"
- Lee Holcomb Jr. -

"This will cause me to neglect husband, house, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, Tigger the cat and Queenie the dog. Thanks!"
- Trudy Trawick -

I learned more toward understanding the keyboard in one night, than in 8 years of music lessons. This is really great. You make it fun, entertaining and very worthwhile. Good Teacher!"
- Judy Turnell -


Playing piano by ear for personal enjoyment can be one of the easiest and most fulfilling activities you'll ever experience. It can be learned in a few hours, and practiced for a lifetime! IT'S CALLED PLAYING FOR A REASON...IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!!

If you want to learn how to play SOLO piano creatively and artistically, playing music for personal enjoyment AND the entertainment of your audiences - without having to read sheet music to do it - keep reading, watch my videos, listen to my audio presentations, and also listen to my students! PIANO MAGIC was created specifically for YOU to learn how to play the tunes you already know; the tunes you already can hum, whistle or sing, played on the piano by ear...and you'll begin to do it in only a few days or weeks!

Learn this and much more inside PMMO, but right now, you can get started for free!



In general, Free Piano Lessons are like Free Cheese in a mousetrap! The idea sounds good, but usually comes with a surprise ending! This is a picture of Free Cheese in a mousetrap. Still, the Free Sample Lessons provided in the following pages are excellent for beginners (catch the Tour Bus below) ...and are required for ALL STUDENTS, with or without previous playing experience.

You may have seen this info before, but if you really learned it, you would already be able to Play By Ear and would NOT be seeking such instruction! Regardless of your previous experience, if you don't play by ear, you are a beginner (at 'playing by ear')!

Don't skip or skim these lessons...your future performing success depends on YOU knowing this BASIC info forwards, backwards and inside out!

The info will seem extremely simple...and that's just exactly how we want it to seem! If it's simple, YOU can THINK IT and DO IT well enough to ENJOY IT! This is a picture of autograph from Liberace to Michael, from 1978.

Once you understand the Basics of Piano Magic, you'll be able to take your new found playing ability and musical freedom as far as your FUN can take you!

Keep your thinking SIMPLE and you'll go farther than you ever dreamed possible, but complicate it and progress will be slow. Simplify...always Simplify.

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