PianoMagic MP3 Showcase

Without a doubt, and without hesitation in saying so, the ability to perform the music I love while playing by ear, has been the greatest pleasure, and the most amazing treasure of my life!

Contrary to popular belief, I DO read music, I DO compose, write and arrange music, and I regularly accompany all types of musicians and vocalists in live performances. Yet, there is no comparison to the happiness, or expressive freedom I experience when 'playing SOLO PIANO by ear'. Although there's great value in exploring all approaches to music, NOTHING compares with the approach that allows ME, to BE me through sound!

After more than four decades as a professional performer, I understand why playing by ear gives me so much pleasure: It's because I don't have to work extremely hard to do it, and I can enjoy it every step of the way...day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, year-by-year, decade-after-decade...and even longer, if science responds to the call.   ;-)

Being able to instantly play whatever tunes an audience might hum, whistle or sing in my ear, is about as simple as reciting a poem someone might whisper in my ear. As quickly as they say the words, I can speak those same words aloud. Playing a tune by ear is just that easy, because I know the logical sequences of how chords tend to move from one to the next.

To my audience, it seems like magic that I can play a new tune as quickly as they can hum, whistle or sing it for me...but it's not magic. Instead, I follow the logical, predictable and repetitive movement of one chord to the next, played over a steady and consistent rhythmic beat from beginning to end; that's it...and it's FUN to do!

I never took lessons to learn how to have FUN, because I recognize FUN when it occurs...as do most folks. What's more, I never took lessons to learn how to play a keyboard instrument; I simply followed the FUN, and that's exactly what I teach.

Life Lesson #1: If it isn't FUN...it won't be done!

Playing the music I most enjoy consistently makes me happy, renews my mind and spirit, and empowers me to create an atmosphere of joy and pleasure wherever I can find an instrument to play!

Thanks to my ability to play, THIS life has been a really FUN trip, and I am forever grateful to all the folks who have kept me 'in business' through the years, to perform, entertain, accompany or teach!

THANK YOU for your support!

The PianoMagic MP3 Showcase is a place to listen to my music, so let's get on with it! To hear my recordings, scroll to the top of this page and select an album from the menu on the left.

  • "Songs Of The South" was originally recorded in 1977, and has been digitally remastered for this Showcase.
  • "Golden Oldies" is a project in progress, but new MP3s will appear as they become available.

Please enjoy!