Common Sense for Learning to Play Piano or Keyboard

According to written evaluations by more than 10,000 of my live students, most did not learn to play before Piano Magic, because the instruction method was:

  • Too Hard
  • Boring
  • Uninteresting
  • Too many scales
  • Dull
  • Did not teach the music they wanted to learn
  • Too many rudiments
  • Too much information
  • No fun


For the reasons listed above, approximately 90% of all new piano students 'drop out' of what some have described as "torturous" piano lessons, before the end of the first year. Although the musical mainstream often credits this extreme failure rate on bad students, I believe most of the blame belongs to the instructors who fail to inspire, motivate and guide eager students into the JOY and FUN of playing piano! Yet, students ARE equally responsible for bogging themselves down, by choosing instructors and methods that do NOT teach the music or techniques they truly need to learn, for the music they want to play.

If you want learning piano to seem EASY, it will also need to be FUN! So, if you need one, find an instructor who believes playing IS easy, but who also makes it FUN to learn.

How do you know who the best instructors would be for YOU?


If you have enough interest to buy an instrument, and a willingness to shell out some bucks for lessons, be SMART: Take the time to investigate and match your musical interest to the instructor, as well as to the instruction method. In other words, from the beginning, find an instructor or course that teaches the music you most enjoy, as well as accompaniment styles you appreciate and want to play.

If you want to play Boogie Woogie, choose an instructor who plays Boogie Woogie in a style you enjoy and want to learn!

  • (Common Sense: Do NOT choose a teacher who cannot play Boogie Woogie!)

If you want to play classical piano, choose an instructor who plays the classics in a way you enjoy and want to learn.

  • (Common Sense: Do NOT choose a teacher who cannot play 'the classics'!)

If you want to play piano 'by ear' and use chords creatively, choose an instructor who can demonstrate this ability, play in a style you want to learn, and can teach you to do it!

  • (Common Sense: Playing by ear is a completely different activity from reading or memorizing music. Playing and using chords is a completely different activity from knowing how to only play a variety of chords. Choose a teacher who not only knows HOW TO PLAY CHORDS, but also knows HOW TO USE CHORDS!)

If you intend to be a great piano student, save yourself money, time and "torturous" frustration by making better choices from the beginning.

When you use your BRAIN combined with COMMON SENSE to find the FUN IN MUSIC, your performing success is almost guaranteed; regardless of your musical preferences; in spite of your previous experiences!