Creative Freedom Is Knowing How Music "THINKS"


You have just completed LESSONS ONE through FIVE of Basic Piano Magic. If you understand the information presented, you'll do well as a student of Piano Magic. (If you skipped the opening video on the Home page, to brush up on the basic info needed to understand it, now would be a good time to go back and watch it.)

What you will learn in the next lesson (also presented in the video mentioned above) is the most important ingredient to understanding music, melody, and make playing ENJOYABLE! is seldom taught. In fact, it's NEVER EVER taught by anyone but me. It's as if I have a secret that no one else knows about...except my students. You can have it now! It's an adventurous journey into the heart of your musical imagination. The basic information can be learned in a few hours and practiced for a life time.

Would you believe that 'some people' spend several hours perusing this site, gleaning all they can for free. There's nothing wrong with it - I do it myself - but let's get focused. Whether here or on some other excellent web site, you won't find what you're looking for...for free. Neither will you find it by taking lessons for many years. What you need is insight! That comes from thinking with simplicity and logic.

Wouldn't you rather spend your time playing creatively; impressing yourself, family and friends? It's far more fun to be the LIFE of the party than the onlooker; to be the resident genius of the keyboard than the confused beginner; to know how to play the tunes in your head and to know you can do it! You CAN do it!

Piano Magic was specifically created for adults (16+), to guide and assist you to develop the skill and understanding for playing piano or keyboard by ear. You will continue to save $CASH$ every time you learn to play a song without buying expensive sheet music! Why is this important? Because 95% of the people who BUY music - who only read music - are still playing tunes they already know. Yet, lacking the ability to play by ear, they have no choice but to exchange $CASH$ for every new song they learn.

Piano Magic tends to be easiest for students who have had no prior musical experience. The reason? I believe it's because traditional students are geared from the beginning to think music is a complex beast to be tamed and trained. It isn't their fault for thinking music is difficult. From the beginning, led by their instructors, they skimmed, skipped or misunderstood the basic information upon which complex music is built. In addition, these students often require an instructor to tell them what to play, how to practice and whether or not they are succeeding. As a result, traditional students often hesitate to think simple or creatively explore the musical possibilities within a song.

In contrast, absolute beginners of my live workshop (who have never played before) will often play circles around the traditional students in less than three hours. Why? It isn't what you's how you think that is important! I can find no other explanation or reason for this phenomena!

I know how important this information is. It opened a door within my heart and imagination, changed my life for the better and gave me a lifetime of musical enjoyment! It has changed the lives of thousands of my students! It can change your life, as well!

PIANO MAGIC is a fun and exciting adventure into musical freedom, and it's the very info you'll use to make your own musical dreams come true!

Our goal in PianoMagic is for YOU to learn how to play with a naturalness that sounds uniquely like YOU! How will that sound? It's a quality as personally identifiable as your own voice! We won't know how YOU will sound musically until you 'do it', but there's no question it will sound GOOD, feel like FUN, and be personally satisfying!

If you would like to hear samples of Piano Magic Members in the process of fulfilling their own musical dreams - playing and sounding uniquely like themselves - check out their comments and recordings in the Piano Magic Concert Hall, or listen to their Original PianoMagical Student Compositions, All of these folks were recently sitting on the same page you are now reading, scratching their head and wondering, "Is THIS for ME?"

They now know the answer...and so can you! Join us inside PMMO. To do that, click the 'NEXT' button.