Piano Magical Member Compositions
Composed and Played By Ear


PREMISE: When you learn to play by ear, you learn to 'think like music.' When you think like music, you are thinking like a composer. As a result of 'thinking like the composer' you automatically KNOW the principles of composing a good song, so it's a natural step to also BE a composer of new music...your own music, straight from the heart!

PROVE IT: To prove it, I sometimes offer Piano Magic Members (including the bravest of newbies) a challenge: Participating students are given 3 weeks to CREATE, PERFORM and PRESENT an ORIGINAL COMPOSITION. They are to use whatever they can remember and instantly apply of the 'PianoMagic Principals' taught within these pages.

Students are told in advance that successfully completing the assignment will earn them ONE OR MORE Additional Months in PMMO (Piano Magic Members Only). At the end of the challenge every student is usually awarded more than promised.

In the recordings below, students were encouraged to perform with as much variety and self-expression as they are comfortably able to use, in order to create an interesting musical atmosphere for a listening audience. YOU are that listening audience...and when you put yourself in a comfortable position, in a relaxed state of mind, you'll be able to hear the budding creativity and expression within each of their performances, even in the very earliest stages of musical development.

If you're seriously thinking about becoming a member of PMMO, you owe it to yourself to listen to the following recordings by fellow-members.

PLEASE, don't just listen to a segment here and a segment there...LISTEN for the musical atmosphere each person strives to create: LISTEN for the variety of accompaniment techniques used by each member to enhance listening interest: LISTEN for the Artistic Contrasts employed to create a sense of musical emotion: LISTEN to how they're thinking: LISTEN to how they treat the most important part of a performance...the ENDING.

Because I encourage ALL performances to be at least two-and-a-half- minutes or longer, each performer has to play through their composition about 3 times...and each time through, there should be some audible change. Why, you ask? Audible changes tend to force even the most resistant of us toward in-the-moment-creativity while playing: Listen for it!


Student Performers are listed in the order of their experience in playing by ear, at the time of their recording. The earliest of the recordings was submitted in 2004, and the newest might be as recent as yesterday. Regardless of when it was recorded, they appear below in the order of each person's experience applying 'Piano Magic Thinkin' while playing their own composition on a piano, completely by ear.

All music is composed, performed and recorded by the students themselves...unless the person performing the member composition is ME.

An asterisk (*) beside the screen name means there's an additional recording by this performer, further down the timeline.


6 days
Coder Guy: "My Phone Number"
from Washington, USA


1 week
Heimi: "Rainy Day"
from Switzerland


2 months
phatapata: "I Hear Your Voice On The Wind"
from Virginia, USA


3 months
*cats-1: "My First Composition"
from Tennessee, USA


4 months
Irismiam: "In Your Little Red MG"
from Arizona, USA


5 months
Miranda: "Mike's Composition Challenge"
from United Kingdom


8 months
Freeply: "Song For The Magicians"
from California, USA


9 months
Astra: "Between Love and Hate"
from Slovenia


11 months
Poondaddy: "Moist Meadow"
from California, USA


1 year
*Sponge_Bob: "Bugs"
from California, USA


1 year 1 month
*popeye: "Latin Improvisation"
from Louisiana, USA


1 year 2 months
Rosanna: "Starting Out Mellow"
from California, USA


1 year 3 months
Togihill: "City Of Light"
from Missouri, USA


1 year 6 months
EyeToTheTelescope: "Song for Michael"
from France


2nd year (PMMO Anniversary)
*Allan: "'My Star' Improvisation"
from United Kingdom


2 years 1 month
*Popeye: "Mike's Birthday Composition Challenge"
from Louisiana, USA


2 years 2 months
Nell: "Out Of The Wilderness"
from United Kingdom


2 years 3 months
*VIDEO: cats-1 playing with Mike
from Tennessee, USA


2 years 4 months
buffytheslayervamper: "If You Knew"
from United Kingdom


2 years 6 months
Balladeer: "Tell Me Why"
from Kansas, USA


2 years 7 months
VIDEO: jetzkey - Public Performance of
Compositions and Improvisations
from New Jersey, USA


2 years 7 months
pianomagic: "Mike's Earliest Recording
playing the organ, on Christmas morning 1969"
from Georgia, USA


2 years 10 months
*Honeycomb: "Heart Song"
from Arizona, USA


3 years
Buck: "Mike's Birthday Composition"
from Nevada, USA


3 years 4 months
Alene: "Bumpy Ride"
from Oregon, USA


4 years 8 months
*Allan: "Michael's Song"
from United Kingdom


5 years 5 months
Seaside_Lee: "Song For Mike's Birthday"
from United Kingdom


5 years 9 months
*Sponge_Bob: "Happy To Be Three Flat"
from California, USA


13 years 10 months
*honeycomb: "A Christmas Wish"
from Arizona, USA



Student Compositions: Performed by the Instructor

5 weeks
mahlzeit: "A PianoMagical Waltz"
from Netherlands
Performed by PianoMagic - Michael Anderson


6 years 7 months
*Honeycomb: "A Universe Of Love"
from Arizona, USA
Performed by PianoMagic - Michael Anderson


8 years
*VIDEO - Honeycomb: "Lonesome Blues"
from Arizona, USA
Performed by PianoMagic - Michael Anderson