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Member description of Piano Magic Members Only:

Piano Magic is both a product and a service. Because it is on the Internet, it is a NEW form of medium. As a result, many potential customers DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GETTING for their money.

If someone asked me, "Phinn, what do you GET when you pay for the Piano Magic course?", here's what I, as a newcomer, would say:

  • First, you get a warm welcome. PMMO is not just a course; it's a community of friendly people.

  • You start your journey with a set of online, written lessons. Everyone starts at the very beginning. If you've taken conventional lessons elsewhere before, or never touched a piano before, everyone starts in the same place.

  • Inside each of these lessons, there are embedded videos of Mike, the instructor, where he illustrates what the lesson is about. Some of the Lessons also have embedded audio samples. These video and audio clips run right in your Internet browser, so you get the information you need right when you need it. The clips run anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

  • At the end of each of these beginner's guided Lessons, you are given an assignment of things to work on. You then work at home, at your own pace. You get very clear instructions about how to work on each assignment. You are told exactly what you need to be able to do before you are ready to move on to the next lesson. It is all very logical, and each lesson progressively builds on knowledge and skills covered in the previous ones. There are more than 25 of these guided Lessons, and some are divided into multiple parts.

  • In addition to the audio and video clips embedded in the guided Lessons, you get access to about 120+ other videos (5 minutes to 60 minutes each) that explain other topics. You can view these additional clips in any order, whenever you want to. They cover a range of topics. Some of these videos are too advanced for beginners to apply immediately, but they are still interesting to see where you are headed. They are also very inspirational. Some are recordings of Mike playing at Christmas parties and other gigs, taking breaks to talk to the viewer about what is going on. These videos run a little longer than the embedded ones, some up to about 30 minutes (or more).

  • You also get access to a private message board -- a forum -- where members of all skill levels meet to ask questions, get answers from Mike, discuss certain details, and generally talk about how obsessed they are with learning and how much fun they are having. Many long-lasting friendships have been made in the Forums.

  • You also get access to a series of audio recordings that members send in. These are demonstrations of how far the member has progressed. Most people make recordings of themselves using a keyboard plugged into their computer, but if you are playing at home on a real piano, you can get an inexpensive digital recorder that will accomplish the same thing.

  • There are no books, no DVDs, no CDs. Everything is in the written, guided Lessons (which are primarily for beginners), embedded audio and video clips, extra videos on various advanced topics, members' recordings of their own performances, and the Forum. You can print out the Lessons if you want, and you can download the audio and video clips if you want. (Most people just use it all online and play the clips with streaming content.)

  • As you progress beyond the beginner level, you move beyond the prepared, guided Lessons and spend more time on the Forum. The more advanced topics are covered there in a question-and-answer, group discussion format. This system fits perfectly with the Piano Magic Method, which is about developing spontaneous playing skills. You are being taught to improvise rather than memorize. You are not being taught to copy someone else's music note-for-note. You are not being taught to read sheet music (although you probably will learn sight reading later on, if that interests you). As a result, in the beginning, the guided Lessons help you build a repertoire, a skill-set. Once you master the techniques in the beginner's Lessons, you will be able to play your favorite tunes, and play them your own way. You learn to add you own color and style to anything you play. To continue growing beyond the beginner level, the open-ended structure of working in the Forum with Mike and other members is a better method than the guided Basic Lessons that you start with.






You ignited the spark for me to learn to play the piano. This was 18th December last year, when i first found your site. You were kind enough to give me an extra Months membership due to a mistake i found on the site, i can not remmber exactly what it was, but thank you for this.

I have not been able to stop playing since, to the annoyance of my wife who always accuses me of going through fads which end up as expensive toys in my garage, but i have stuck with the piano.

I am in the process of purchasing a new digital Kawia piano, which i have been saving up for for months now,

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for giving me the direction to learn to play along with the skills to understand.

I can not attend your visit to the UK, but i am certain you will have a really good time, and really from an annonoymous unknown person whom you have never met i want to offer you my warmest thanks and gratitude for your decision to go online to share your talent and knowledge.

best regards


My name is Earl D. (earlthepearl). Currently I live in Arizona, and have been kicking around for over three-quarters of a century. I’ve never had any musical training, nor have I had any real desire to learn much about playing an instrument of any kind. But now I’m ready and have the desire to learn to play the piano for my own enjoyment...

In late June of this year I joined Piano Magic......Since then I’ve been devoting at least one hour a day to learning your system, and am amazed at being able to obtain a real honest to goodness tune on the piano.

I especially appreciate the recital section of your web site. To hear the first efforts of some of the students, and then their improvement in just a few short months is really amazing. It gives me hope that I can also follow in their footsteps.

I’m still in the beginners’ section of your course. It’s wonderful the way you devote so much of your time and experience sharing your talents and knowledge with so many people. It's obvious that it's a labor of love with you.



Hi, Mike

After reading yet another new member's self-introduction in the Lobby, I was once again reminded of how I felt when I first ran across the PianoMagic website. This member said the low price nearly scared him off - couldn't really be much here for that price! In my case, I figured that for not much more than the cost of taking the family out to a nice dinner, what could I possibly lose? -- and as a bonus, there was no chance of food poisoning!!

That being said, I had absolutely no clue what I was in for, I have been here for just over a year now, and it has been the most pleasurable and rewarding year of my life. To put it in the simplest terms, had I known the actual value of what you offer, I would have taken a second mortgage on my home for a membership. Nothing is really of any value unless you use it, and some things have a value which cannot be adequately described if you do - PianoMagic is in that category. The method itself is beautiful in its simplicity and presentation, and the fact that you so readily interact with the members is something I seriously doubt a hopeful piano student would find anywhere else. When you add to this the interactive forums, where we can and do all support and encourage one another, well, you've got pretty much a package perfectly tailored for any aspiring piano student.

This is the single best value anywhere for anything I have ever come across in my 58 years. I cringe when I think that I might not have found you had it not been for a lucky accident....and I feel sorry for those who pass up this opportunity...they know not what they are missing.

Just wanted to start year two by saying thanks,



Hi Mike,

Just had to share this with you... I'm still on cloud nine and I can't hardly stand it. I'm 56 years old and still hangin ten. Only now they are fingers instead of toes, dude!

Tonight we had several guests over for a holiday get-together, a few we have not seen for some time...and guess what? Yep, it finally came down to someone asking if I would play a few Christmas songs.

Hey, I was hoping someone would ask and put some thought into being a bit prepared, just in case. I had made up a list of songs and ran through them a few times earlier today, then tucked the list off to the side where only I could see it. And...

"Peg" {the piano} looked most impressive tonight as earlier I rubbed her down from top to bottom with a flannel cloth and lots of polish. She was gleaming and near the Christmas tree so you could see the colored lights reflecting in her glossy ebony finish.

Now, I began slow... with "Do You Hear What I Hear," soft, but building intensity during the transition to the bridge... then onto several more, including my two latest submissions, "I'll be Home For Christmas" and ending with "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."

Then, my little princess {grand daughter} came waltzing in... almost on cue, and I played my Disney melody, beginning with "Beauty and The Beast, " and three others. We then picked up the tempo with a few up-beat songs, the last one being a newbie, "New York, New York".... perfect, no flubs!!!

I ended my session with a few Beatles tunes, followed by a soft and gentle version of "Memories." Now here is the creepy part... "Peg" is situated to where my back is turned away from the main living area... and for a long while, I got the feeling everyone had drifted off to another room.

When I finished, I turned around, and the entire area was filled with people... some sitting together, arms around one another, others were standing, and you could tell by the look on their faces they were very much enjoying the music and the moment. It was awesome!!!

After some time and lots of compliments, I made a graceful exit and found a quiet spot in the crapper. I just looked at myself in the mirror for a while, trying to figure out if I should laugh and jump around or get serious and cry. Whatever the moment was for me at the time it was personally more impressive than anything I've accomplished in a long time.

After the folks had left for the evening the kids and I were just about finished loading the dish washer and cleaning up when Toni, my wife, came in. She gave me a big kiss followed by gestures from my kids imitating various maneuvers that they were trying to induce vomit. Actually, this may sound strange, but in our home, I would expect nothing less from the kids... it's their twisted way of recognition and approval of our love for one another, it's presence and openness on a daily basis. I have no idea where they get their sense of humor.

Anyway, after the kiss Toni told me that she loved me, how proud she was of my playing, and that she just loved "showing me off to others." There was also something about her reaping some benefit about having to live with my constant practice sessions... but, I kind of let that go over my head. She must get that from the kids.

I know I keep telling you this... but, I would not be where I am today, musically if it were not for PMMO and you. I keep saying Thanks, cause I really want you to know how much of a difference you've made in my life....

I'm so happy, I'm jumpin for joy.

Regards, SB




I want to thank you so very much for following up with me via phone and also by e-mail, which I just checked. I never expected to get the techniques and information that you have offered on your site, not to mention the personal attention. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend your course to anyone who would like to play the piano. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

If you ever come to Jersey, I would love to know. A ten course home cooked meal is in it for you if you head up north!

Thanks again.

Anne G.



I just tried your Section II (of PMMO) and it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I have pretty much mastered Section I and was looking for how to 'decorate'. The videos make it easy to see what you are trying to demonstrate. I can't wait to try it. Thanks.

Ed M.



I am so amazed. I took piano lessons off and on for twelve years. I was never able to play the music I loved and could barely play music I liked. I always had to read music and could never memorize very well. Playing was always a struggle.

I found in May. I must have read every page several times. You make wild claims that you believe anybody can play with freedom. I didn't believe it but you sounded so convincing. I reluctantly purchased your course and registered for PMMO. I thought if you were willing to be online helping members, you were a bigger fool than me! Well, that night I was playing without music for the first time in my life. It was surprising how easy the tunes roll out of my hands. Since Sunday I am learning to 'decorate' with your new video lessons in PMMO. Oh my! What FUN this is! The video is just like looking over your shoulder. I understand!

Michael, there are no words to describe the gift you have given me! Thanks to you, for the first time in twenty years of marriage my husband asked me to play for him after dinner tonight. We had a wonderful time together at the piano. My heart is full and I feel so happy. I know you and Piano Magic are the answer to my life long prayers. I am so excited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May God bless you richly - you deserve it!

Your devoted student,

Ginny Brayer

You need to raise your price. It is extremely low for what you offer.



The videos are great! I really want to play piano the way you teach it. I've been stuck into a certain mold after taking classical lessons for ten years. I'm finding it VERY hard to break free - to think outside of the box.

This brings me to my next topic. I have TONS of music books. TONS! However, I can't play any of it - I hate learning a song note for note as written. I never really master a song (unless I'm working on it with my piano teach and in that case, it is a classical piece of music) because its just too much work. When I'm out with friends or family, I have nothing to play. I 've been playing for ten years! I'm sure they think my parents are just throwing their money away when paying for lessons. The people I know who CAN play song after song for friends and family do not use written out music. They aren't playing some Hal Leonard arrangement - they are playing their own arrangement. They've learned the melody and basic harmony and are turning that into their own music. This is what I need to learn - and I can see that your advanced lessons will show me how to do this.

...When I read about your course, I thought "what the hell, I'll try it". Anyway, I'm very excited about it. It really showed me that there is a basic level to learning things by ear - that it can be done. I'm still no where near where I want to be talent wise, but I now feel that I can actually get there.

Ian Roach



I'm playing quite well, actually, thanks to you, and I am having a WONDERFUL excursion in pianoland. You ARE a fantastic teacher (innovator, more descriptively) and I recommend your site each opportunity I get.

B-t-w: I'm arranging my own version of "It's Impossible". That song is well suited for the piano-- arps and octaves make it sound so much more than it really is. Have a great day!



Dear Michael,
...Todd (my husband) and I registered (for PMMO) and have been totally immersed in the lessons. I cannot believe how simple you have made this. You have done an outstanding job in creating this course as well as the most user friendly site I've ever visited.
I can't tell you how refreshing it is to deal with someone as genuine and helpful as you. (Not to mention talented...shall I gush????) THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Brenda Larson


Thank you for a WONDERFUL class. I learned a great deal and have worked on several songs. With my "crow-foot" left hand and octaves with the right hand, I'm having a great time.

Again, thank you for an incredible class. I look forward to more.

Bob Copeland


Thanks for introducing me to the magic of playing the piano by ear. I love playing whenever I have a moment but it used to bother me that I couldn't play without a book.

No more. Last week while traveling with my boss in Miami we wandered into a store where I started playing Frere Jacques on a xylophone. It was one of two songs I taught myself to play last week. I know it is simple, but my boss started singing the song and I felt great.

Thanks again and hope to build on my earful skills.

Walter Pickell



I was in your class at KSU on Monday. It's now Saturday and I have to say...
I'M PLAYING THE PIANO!!! My wife can't believe it. And I haven't even been
able to practice that much. I can play several songs with both hands all the
way through. I'm starting simple (as you recommended) but fully expect to
play more complex songs over time. I'm really starting to get it and
understand how the music and keys and everything fits. It takes me no longer
than 1 or 2 "hunts" to find the right key when learning a new song.

Also, I'm also playing octaves on my right hand which adds a little more
flavor to the music. On some songs I use all the fingers on my right hand so
I can get the sound (the "feeling" that I want) and I'm making up some
little rhythms on my own (nothing much but it I love doing it).

Thanks again. When I get an MP3 together I'll email it to you.
Feel free to use my comments. Anyone interested in experiencing the true joy of
playing music, not just simply listening to it, should take your class.



Michael, I want to thank you. I read your tour for Piano Magic, and could actually play a song on my keyboard before I finished reading. It was then that I knew I had to have your book! I tried several on-line courses teaching traditional lessons and quickly became bored with them. Your course makes learning to play fun and enjoyable.
Now finding my way around a keyboard finally makes sense and I have you to thank for the understanding I thought I'd never have. THANK YOU!!!
Gene Stricklin


Hi Michael,
Some feedback for you --I know you like feedback!!!
Your matching system is working better than all the info I have ever had
from anyone else--congratulations on your presentation technique!
I have got a number of songs done pretty well now, having had some holiday
away from work, and had time to apply the technique! I am delighted with
your method--thanks again, and do hope that you and yours are well.
Cheers for now
Laurence Weir (U.K.)


Dear Mike,

We went to Elijay today and I played my little keyboard in the car the entire time. Then I played the rest of the afternoon! I can't believe this. I really didn't think I learned THAT much, but I can play almost every song I think of. I have written two songs, one with words and one with just music. The one that is just music is one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard. I started from that chord progression you taught us and it just came together. It really sounds like a professional playing!...




You probably won't (well, yea, you will) believe what I've been able to accomplish (you could REALLY use my endorsement on your method!) with what I've learned in Basic PMMO: I can actually play several songs! I get it!!

It's so easy! In conjunction with simple chord changes (for instance; C, Dm7, G, etc.,), one could play a number of songs. You were right about the weird (but I AM a convert--AND I understand!) three-finger position (left hand): with the thumb AND the pedal I can literally utilize chords that make a difference in the sounds I can make. Yes, Michael, the thumb does make the difference, IF you pay attention to the ADDED notes that can color a simple chord.

Thanks, Michael. You can quote me any time you wish. Your simple method does rock!




Before PianoMagic last Thursday night, I had absolutely no idea how to play the piano. I had wanted to learn most of my adult life -- but not bad enough to make the massive commitment demanded by traditional instruction.

Although I couldn’t play, I still wanted to see and hear a beautiful grand piano in my living room, so last year I bought one and installed an automatic disk player. I was offered a series of free lessons with the purchase, but I didn’t enroll. Why? Because I just wasn’t going to begin unless I felt there was a realistic chance I’d be rewarded for my time and effort. And, frankly, I didn’t think that would happen. Why? Because I have never known anyone who took lessons -- including my children -- who ever learned to play worth a darn. My wife took lessons for four years as a teenager, and she can’t play. [To my knowledge, she's never touched the keyboard of our grand.] My sister has had a beautiful piano for years, and she can’t play. Most of my neighbors have pianos, and they can’t play. Nor can their children. So, at age 52, figuring I had neither the time nor the patience to engage in an almost certain futile effort, I resigned myself to the fact that I would always be just a "listener" and never a player (except, of course, for my dynamite two-fingered rendition of Chopsticks).

You and I met a few months ago. You were confident that with your PianoMagic method I could quickly learn to play many of my favorite songs (which, by the way, do not include such beginners' classics as Red River Valley, Little Brown Jug, and Clementine). If I wanted to learn to read music, that was fine, but it should come after I learned to play -- just as I learned to read after I learned to talk. That made a whole lot of sense but sounded just too good to be true.

Nevertheless, inspired by your obvious confidence and encouraged by the educational experience of your PianoMagic web site, I enrolled in your workshop at Kennesaw State College. I figured I could afford three hours to see if this outrageous claim you were making was true. Well, we didn't get much keyboard time that night, but we did get a crystal-clear picture of what we needed to do to play well quickly -- on our own and by ear.

The following day (Friday), I spent about nine hours -- it seemed like nine minutes -- using your PianoMagic concepts to learn to play. That evening, you graciously answered some questions I’d come up with that day. The next day (Saturday), I put in another six hours learning to play by ear. I didn’t want to quit, but my wife and I had been invited to a large wedding reception that night at the club, and we were already late.

When we arrived at the reception, we were greeted at the door by hostesses holding candles, not for romantic effect, but because the big storm that rolled through late that afternoon had knocked out all the power. It wasn’t completely dark -- the remains of the gray day filtered through some of the windows -- but it was getting there fast. And instead of what we had expected to see -- a brightly-lit club and a party in full swing -- we found several hundred somewhat disoriented people quietly munching hors d’oeuvres in the semi-dark club. There was no music, of course, since the three DJs hired to provide it were helpless without power. As we fumbled our way from the front door to the ballroom area -- where the bulk of the crowd was gathered -- it occurred to me that a piano doesn't require electricity.

After a few minutes of polite conversation with my wife and one of her friends, I excused myself and proceeded to the dining room bar. "Too bad Mike's not here," I thought as I rounded the corner by the piano, "he could sure fill this place with music."

I thought about the bride, the groom and their rapidly deteriorating Big Moment. What a shame: No power. Little light. No music. I looked at the piano sitting just outside the bar. What a waste! I made it as far as the piano.

Dare I?

I was certainly dressed for the part -- I had on my tuxedo -- and there were only a few people in the bar. Glancing around, I could see there weren’t many people in the adjoining lobby, either. Besides, in the darkness, probably nobody could could tell who was playing anyway. This was a psychological boost since I figured I could bail quickly (if necessary) with a minimum of embarrassment. And we definitely needed some music. So, why not have a go at it? I mean, why let some minor detail -- like the fact that I just started yesterday -- stop me?

I slid onto the seat; aligned on middle-C; and formed the "chicken foot" with my left hand. I then took a deep breath, and with an increased pulse rate and sweaty palms, did a smooth little c-g-c-e-g roll right up the keyboard (with the "chord-catcher" engaged, of course). Nice! So far, so good. I then began a slow and soft left-hand chord progression (C, Am, Dm, and G), using the full chords the first time around and then the individual tones. Okay!

I looked into the bar: Nobody seemed to think anything abnormal was going on. So, as I continued to play chords and chord tones with my left hand, I took my Trusty Right Forefinger and began improvising a nice little melody using PianoMagic. In other words, I just pecked away within the range of the Left Hand chord, holding some of the chord tones and moving right on along when I hit -- either accidentally or on purpose -- a non-chord tone. I'd spent most of the afternoon doing just that, so I knew it would sound pretty good. It was, after all, music.

A few minutes into my performance, Shelley (the club's assistant manager) rushed up -- she was very busy both coordinating the event and engaging in damage control -- and I thought I was hiss-toe-ree. Instead, she smiled, put a candle on the piano, then rushed away again. Embarrassed, I blew it out, an act I immediately regretted. After all, the candle was a nice touch (and useful, too, since by now it was getting really dark). So, I re-lit it and played on.

Over the next half-hour, several friends stopped by and each complimented me on my music. The last one said, "Gee, Lynn, I didn't know you were a pianissimo." I didn't feel compelled to tell him this was only my second day, so I just accepted his compliment with a smile and a nod. Then -- with my usual flair -- I walked the melody up the keyboard.

Shortly thereafter, my impromptu, unpaid gig came to an end. My wife had finally missed me, and after searching the ballroom for a few minutes, it simultaneously dawned on her both where I was and who was responsible for the music -- the same music she had heard all afternoon -- now floating through the club. I am certain it was a paralyzing moment of sheer terror. Nevertheless, when she reached Ground Zero, she gently put her hands on my shoulders, leaned down and sweetly requested that I rejoin her in the main rooms. She then waited patiently as I brought my real-time composition to an appropriate – and, I must say, quite beautiful -- close. I then stood up, offered her my arm, and we left the room. As we entered the lobby, the club burst into light, the crowd cheered, and the DJs scrambled to get their music pumping. Perfect timing.

Thank you, Mike, for teaching me your PianoMagic and making possible an experience that I -- and I promise you, my wife -- still don’t quite believe. It's one we won't forget.

Lynn Blake

P.S. Please don’t tell Shelley and Frank that I just learned. Thanks.


Dear Michael,
This letter is to thank you for getting me started on my second go-around at the piano. It was twenty years since I sat down to attempt playing again. I truly believe I was afraid to begin, as I was never very successful twenty years before.

I took traditional piano lessons, cramming a week's worth of practice into the night before my lesson. I never really got the feel of playing as I was always struggling to read the notes, count the beats, and learn the piece. It wasn't until I took your one night Piano Magic course and read your book that I decided to give it another try. Just reading your comments in the book really hit home. You were right on with recognizing the fears of others and how locked-up we can become because of it.

Your book was so easy to follow. It just made so much sense to me that I can't believe I never got the concept of playing years ago when I was taking lessons. Now I want to sit at the piano for hours and have a true desire to play. No more "necessity" to do so. It has been the greatest source of happiness in my life this past year. My mother had a stroke last November and after spending many hours at the hospital each day, I came home and began playing the piano with the help of your book. It was therapy for me at the time and it truly got me through that difficult period. I find there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable for me than the piano. It's fun to see the improvement over time, as well.

I am a woman who has many interests in life, but none as satisfying as playing the piano. It has always been my great desire to play the piano, but I always thought that would have to be in another lifetime. Thank you for helping to make my dream come true in this lifetime.


Karen Handler


Dear Michael,
I hope the following is something you can use. It is difficult to express how important your class was for me. I have always loved the piano but now I feel a sense of freedom I didn't have before - I'm not sure I'm expressing it correctly - but I LOVE HOW IT FEELS!!!

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking your "Piano Magic" class in April. Your presentation of the material was most enjoyable. You made it easy to understand and fun!

I read music but up until your workshop I had no understanding of the concept of how chords were formed and depended entirely on written music. In the brief 3 hour course you explained things so simply that for the first time it seemed so logical. Based on the concepts you taught the class I have been able to apply them and see how other chords are formed. I am now able to use the melody line and the chords indicated and play almost any popular music. Your workshop gave me the confidence to "explore" the piano.

I am really excited about what I am learning. Your workshop opened a door for me and I want to thank you - what a gift you've given me!


Barbara Jones


PIANO MAGIC STUDENTS will sometimes write additional comments on their after class evaluation sheet. The following comments are some of those remarks:

  • "I have always wanted to know/learn how to play the piano; now that I've taken this course - I can! I almost didn't take this class because I thought it wouldn't be worth my time or money. After taking it I feel, ALMOST, ashamed that I've gotten so much for so little. You have made my life long dream come true! -- Karen Felecia King

  • "My God, THANK YOU. I took lessons for 10 years hoping to learn what you showed me tonight. What is WRONG with the teachers?" -- Bob Lovett

  • "Got more than I expected for my money!" -- Pat Haney

  • "You've made music FUN! I love this college music compared to my college music class!" -- Doris C. Jones

  • "The workshop was great!" -- William C. Cole

  • "Entertaining!" -- Sarah Spruell

  • "Delightful evening!" -- Allen H. Watts

  • "Now I have some way to think about music." -- Susan Palfy

  • "The workshop was excellent. I think all music teachers should be required to take and teach Piano Magic 101." -- Karen Waldridge

  • "I knew nothing about chords before I came; now I know everything I need to. Thanks!" -- Rhonda L. Holsenbeck

  • "This will cause me to neglect husband, house, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, Tigger the cat and Queenie the dog. Thanks!" --Trudy Trawick

  • "I really enjoyed this class." -- Ainsley Eubanks

  • "You have given a wonderful overview of how to play the piano. After this course, I feel like playing the piano is an achievable goal. Thanks!" -- Helen E. Batten

  • "I am delighted to leave a 3 hour fun evening finding I can't wait to get home to my keyboard!" -- Barbara Albrecht

  • "I learned more tonight toward understanding the keyboard than I did in 8 years of music lessons. This was really great. You made it fun, entertaining and very worthwhile. Good Teacher!" -- Judy Turnell

  • "The Seminar was FANTASTIC! I learned more tonight than in several years of music lessons. This was FUN and I can't wait to get home and practice what I learned." -- Judy Polk

  • "Wonderful!" -- Cheryl Boyett

  • "Your personality and enthusiasm come right out of your materials. Extremely beneficial and fabulously interesting!" -- Sharon R. Franchini

  • "Very, very, very good! Worth at least a couple of hundred dollars." -- Janet Walsh

  • "Very, very interesting!" -- Twylah Tyner

  • "Excellent, Exciting, Useful." -- Buzz Sommers

  • "I can't wait to get my piano tuned and go for it!" -- Cindie Hutchison

  • "It was much fun and very beneficial!" -- Estelle M. Scott

  • "What Fun! Thanks." -- Annie Hollis

  • "Just right to spark my interest and desire to PLAY! This should be a TV course" -- Lee Holcomb Jr.

  • "Your concept is enlightening." -- Sherry Lewis

  • "Excellent! I have HOPE!" -- Lee Seibert

  • "Michael knows his subject well." -- Ruby Galloway

  • "Enjoyed the course - I believe I can learn on my own from here." -- John L. Brown

  • "Excellent presentation!" -- Linda Spencer

  • "Price is TOO LOW! Should be much higher!" -- Debbie Hall

  • "I loved it! Your instructions were clear and it all made sense! It was FUN!" -- Susan Johnston

  • " Keep up the good work!" -- Nicole Harris

  • "It was Super!" -- Tommy Johns

  • "Michael is extremely gifted; brilliant in fact. I have met genius that shared itself with me! Thanks" -- Anthony Stephens