12 Steps to Success for PianoMagically Playing Piano By Ear
by Michael Anderson


  1. Learn the names of the keys.
  2. Learn the tones of ONE scale.
  3. Learn the THREE basic chords associated with that scale (#2 above).
  4. Learn the basic predictable movement of those chords (#3 above).
  5. Learn the basic predictable movement of melody tones based on those chords (#4 above).
  6. Begin playing (both hands together) using chords for harmony in the left hand, and chord tones for melody in the right hand.
  7. Begin building a repertoire (and make a list) of songs you know, can recognize and can play using very basic and simple movement of handshapes.
  8. Begin to recognize melodic similarities from one song to the next.
  9. Begin to recognize the harmonic structure of many songs, is often identical from one song to the next.
  10. Learn a few simple decorations to add fullness, rhythm and beauty to the songs appearing on your repertoire list (decorations such as broken chords, arpeggios, grace notes, glissandos, rhythmic patterns, hidden chords and chord variations).
  11. Learn how all scales are identical in thought, function and distance, but are different only in pitch (highness or lowness of sound).
  12. Apply the information of #1 thru #11 to transpose your songs into other scales (change the pitch either higher or lower).

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