About PianoMagic.com


Piano Magic is believed to be the first 'play piano by ear' course ever offered 'online' and first appeared on AOL (America Online), in September 1993.

Much has changed since those early pioneering beginnings, but we're still here, still growing our method, and still sharing 'The Secrets of Playing Piano By Ear'!

The world's most experienced online instructor is still online, still sharing the Magic that makes musical dreams come true, and YOU are encouraged to share in that FUN, today! THAT is WHY we're HERE!

The PianoMagic.com web site exists to share the knowledge, practical application, experience and continuing evolution of music in the life of Michael Anderson; a professional, self-taught 'play by ear' musician since 1967; author, composer and instructor of over 10,000 live students attending his college/university sponsored "Piano Magic Play By Ear Workshop".

Michael Anderson created this site, maintains this site, and is the primary contributor of information on this site. He writes all of the articles, lessons and books, creates and produces all of the video and audio presentations, personally reads and responds to most postings within the interactive members area, creates easy to understand 'lessons on demand' to clarify or explain difficult musical concepts, and fully participates in the development (and success) of his students - wherever they may be worldwide.

In addition to operating this web site, teaching live Piano Magic Workshops throughout the Southeastern U.S.A. and publishing a variety of articles and books, Michael Anderson is a professional solo musician who performs primarily within the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.



Piano Magic Members Only (PMMO)...
...is a private online resource that gives you direct access to targeted information - including text, interactive discussion, audio and video presentations - about teaching yourself to successfully and easily play piano by ear. (The techniques are equally effective if you play an electronic keyboard.) In addition, through the PMMO Member Forums you can interact directly with Anderson, creator of the Piano Magic Method.

The Members Only doorway (picture at right) is found in the side-bar of every public page in this web site. To enter the Members Only area, just click on the door, then enter your registered email address and password.


How To Use PMMO
You will gain the most by treating PMMO as if it were a real interactive workshop; because that is what it is. As such, you should familiarize yourself with all areas and resources within the Member site...AND PARTICIPATE WITH MIKE, IN THE MEMBER FORUMS, because that's where the majority of your understanding, insight and advancement will occur.

Everything you need is provided online with downloadable audio and video presentations to enhance information delivery. In addition, you have direct interactive contact and feedback with the instructor, Michael Anderson, as well as other members. (If you prefer a canned course with books, CD's, DVD's or video tapes, you won't find it here.)


The 'On Site' Instructor
If you've ever heard Michael Anderson play, you know he has a natural talent for expressing music. If you've ever heard him speak, you know he has a personable and entertaining style of communication. If you've ever read any of his articles or books, you know he has a knack for simplifying complex ideas and making them understandable to almost anyone. If you already know something about Michael Anderson, then you know what to expect!

If you don't know Michael Anderson, then you'll want to know that one evening in 1967, he discovered his talent and taught himself to 'play piano by ear' in about five hours; got his first gig as a musician two weeks later and has been playing professionally ever since. (See Michael's Performance Resume')

Since 1988, Michael Anderson has personally taught more than 10,000 students who attended his live Piano Magic Workshop presentations, sponsored by more than 128 colleges and universities across the Southeastern U.S.A.

In this web site, Michael shares the insight, simple thoughts and physical movements that enabled him to play so quickly and so well. In this site, Michael guides you step-by-step to understand and duplicate his surprising and astounding beginning. In this site, you will learn to play piano by ear (or any keyboard instrument) as easily as you speak; quickly, expressively and creatively.



What you will NOT find:
You will not find a piano method based upon 'traditional instruction'. You will not learn to read music. You will not learn to play by rote. You not learn to play by memorizing. You will not learn to play scales. Neither will you find:

  • Advertising
  • Pop-up windows asking you to become a member, buy a product or join an email list.
  • 'Up Sale' promotions to encourage you to spend more money for a better or more complete instructional presentation.
  • Private lessons (if private lessons are what you seek, expect to pay much more and spend far longer to learn much less!)


What you WILL find:
You will find simple, logical, common sense instructions for playing piano by ear, the way you dream of playing, that you can immediately use. For one low fee, you get access to EVERYTHING offered by Michael Anderson!

With 50+ years of performing, composing and teaching experience, Michael Anderson draws from a vast resource of information and practical insight to share a simple and unique perspective of music - that of teaching others how to teach themselves, to play by ear'...by someone who has done it, lived it and still depends upon it!


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