Piano Magic Members Only:
Within the public pages of, ample samples of articles, lessons and audio/video demonstrations are provided for you to examine in advance. Please be sure you are satisfied with the quality of information and method of delivery before registering your membership.

Inside PMMO, you can download all audio and video to your PC. You can also print all 250,000+ pages, if you desire to spend hundreds of extra dollars for ink and paper. NOT is far easier, searchable, interactive, and new info appears daily in response to member questions or comments.

As a member, you immediately have access to everything within the member site, including the ability to print all text, as well as download all instructional audio and video files.

If you are sincere in your effort, personal guidance is readily available if and when you need it. If you encounter difficulty understanding any instructions or concepts within PMMO, you are expected to participate by asking questions within the Member Forums, and interacting directly with Michael Anderson.


No Refunds:
Because you can download or print the entire web site upon entry, Piano Magic Members Only subscription/entrance fees are neither refundable nor transferable.

Possible Exceptions:
Before you are allowed to purchase your membership to PMMO, we test your PC to make sure you will have a good experience inside the Member Area. Usually, if your PC will be incompatible with our site, you will be unable to reach the purchase page. Those who CAN reach the purchase page, will have a trouble-free experience inside PMMO.

However, there are extremely rare occasions that a user cannot connect to the Members Area. The problem is usually caused by personal Security settings within your PC that need to be slightly modified to accept our data cookies (your 'key' to the membership area), incompatible or malfunctioning Anti-Virus software, or programs running in the background of your PC. If we are unable to assist you in solving connection difficulties, a full refund may be granted.

We know our method is effective. PMMO is a world wide community of positive, supportive and 'like minded' people sharing a common goal of learning to Play Piano By Ear, and enjoying common success using Piano Magic techniques!

We are confident your membership subscription to Piano Magic Members Only will provide you with musical insight, entertainment and information you can use to improve your ability to play the music you love on a piano or electronic keyboard.

We provide everything you need to succeed, including Michael Anderson (the instructor and creator of the Piano Magic Method)! If you will use the resources provided, follow instructions and ask questions as you have them, you will achieve your goal and find value that far exceeds the membership fee!

Even so, you are ultimately responsible for your own happiness and success. We are here to lead and motivate you into musical's up to you to follow.

(In some instances, subscription fees may be deductible as a business expense. Check with your tax consultant or accountant for advice on this issue.)