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imageLively Piano Music For All Occasions

Lively Music presented by an entertaining musician will motivate guests to remember your event as an especially joyful experience! The right musician can transform a simple social occasion into a happy and memorable interaction of guests. The right musician is the "life of the party" by putting life into your guests! Who is the right musician? ONE YOU ENJOY LISTENING TO!

When seeking to hire a musician for almost any type of gathering, your goal is more than just finding a person who can play tunes: You want a musician who plays upon the heart and soul of your guests in an entertaining and inspiring manner. In other words, you want a musician who is primarily an "atmospheric engineer". That's me!


My Performing Background
As a native of Atlanta and professional keyboard musician since 1967, I have enjoyed a variety of experiences through music! I have performed as organist for the Atlanta Braves and worked with notable personalities as Liberace, Loretta Lynn, Melissa Manchester and Anita Bryant. I have provided dinner music for state, national and international dignitaries (including Georgia Governors, Senators, Congressmen, the King of Belgium and Prime Minister of Canada). I've also "created the atmosphere" for thousands of private occasions, for businesses and individuals, and have performed the music for more than 4000 Wedding Ceremonies (even more Wedding Receptions)!

More recently, I authored the book, Piano Magic: The Secrets of Playing By Ear - now in its EIGHTH PRINTING! As a result of my book, I personally teach The Piano Magic Workshop in 128 College and University Continuing Education programs across the Southeastern USA...and over 10,000 attending students have learned to play using my Piano Magic method.

Although I am comfortable in a variety of settings, my favorite events are occasions which promote an atmosphere of celebration among friends and family.


I am particularly well suited for events where a wide variety of ages are represented...such as Weddings, Receptions, Business Events, Retirement, Birthday and Christmas Parties. I especially enjoy "Sing-A-Long" Parties because they're just plain FUN (I provide word sheets)!!


My Repertoire
With a strong background in family entertainment, I generally provide a mixture of GREAT AMERICAN and INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS, GOLDEN OLDIES, CONTEMPORARY, light CLASSICAL, SHOW TUNES, MOVIE THEMES, RAGTIME and BOOGIE WOOGIE. If your event is during the Christmas season, I can provide more than 6 hours of non-stop seasonal music with no repetition. In addition, I always encourage requests from guests.


Your Instrument
I can be perfectly comfortable playing a house piano (or YOUR instrument if one is available) and have the ability to make it sound bigger and better than ever before - GUARANTEED! I create a very unique sound by placing a set of Bass Pedals on the floor underneath the instrument, played with my left foot. The pedals add a dimension of depth and fullness that a piano alone cannot achieve. The low sound of the Bass Pedal blends well as an extension of the lower bass tones on a piano, giving a sense of fullness and gentle rhythm that softly permeates the atmosphere. Although it sounds great and makes a body feel good, listeners generally are unaware of the additional instrument - unless they LOOK! What's more, there is no additional charge for providing Bass Pedals!


My Instrument
If no instrument is available, I can provide a wonderful, versatile, state-of-the-art Synthesizer Keyboard! It may look small but it can pack a strong WALLOP of good sounds, Yamaha S80 Synthesizer with Midi Pedals & Ampsfeeling and fun into an atmosphere! It can also "double duty" as a P.A. system for vocalists, announcements or toasting.

My instruments are compact, sound excellent, offer a fascinating listening experience for you and your guests and cost 50% to 75% LESS than a piano rental company!


The fee for an event will sometimes vary depending upon what you desire and when you want it. To receive an accurate price quote with no obligation, call me (Michael Anderson) at 678-867-0705. You may have to leave a message, but I will provide the information you request as quickly as possible. Thank you! Click here to see my PERFORMANCE RESUME.