The Instructor


I'm Michael Anderson.
I'm one of those people others have sometimes referred to as gifted. Whether or not it is true, I seem to be talented at what I do. I never took music lessons to learn how to play a keyboard instrument, but on May 26, 1967, I discovered how to play my favorite songs on the piano - by ear - in less than 5 hours. Instantly, my life changed for the better, and I became a happier, creatively confident person.

In a totally shocking turn of events, within the first 2 weeks that I began to play, I was offered my first paid gig as a performer. It was so much FUN, that I'm still pushing keys for personal enjoyment, and have played professionally ever since.

I have relied on this natural ability to play by ear for most of my life. Although I do read music, having that ability was not, and is not, a requirement for playing a keyboard instrument for personal enjoyment, or for profit! If you're interested in knowing more about my performing history, take a look at my Performance Resume.

After more than 20 years of performing publicly, and wondering how I am able to play so easily, I discovered the secrets of this natural ability. In my case, it may have been genetic, but something inside me automatically knew the basic structure of music.

After years of contemplating and analysing this natural ability within myself, I have been able to describe the very thought process that took place in my mind when I began to play. As a performer, I still rely on that thought process today. It is easily taught, and can be learned by absolute beginners or experienced musicians alike. Some people say it's like MAGIC! In fact, 98.8% of 10,000+ students attending my college/university sponsored workshops learned to play piano by ear in as little as three hours and gave my 'self-taught method' a name: They called it PIANO MAGIC.

I learned to think like music thinks. Until YOU learn to think like music, you may never play with creative freedom!

When YOU begin to think like music, you will put less effort into playing the notes, and more effort into expressing, experiencing and creating personal sounds of Love, Joy and Happiness! Playing in this manner feels and sounds wonderful! THIS is how I want you to PLAY!


"It is difficult to express how important your materials were for me. I have always loved the piano but now I feel a sense of freedom I didn't have before - I'm not sure I'm expressing it correctly - but I LOVE HOW IT FEELS!!! ...You made it easy to understand and fun!"
- Barbara Jones -


PIANO MAGIC (whether as an online workshop or live workshop) is theoretically correct, quick, simple, innovative and motivational. Most of all, it's a FUN method to learn AND use!


"Your instructions are so easy to follow. It just made so much sense... Now I want to sit at the piano for hours and have a true desire to play. ...It has been the greatest source of happiness in my life this past year."
- Karen Handler -


Every aspect of Piano Magic is my best effort to help YOU find a similar life changing experience for yourself. This is truly GOOD STUFF!

Don't just take my word for it: Read what my students have to say!

Better yet, don't just take my students word for it: LISTEN to them PLAY tunes from the Public Domain, as well as their own Personal Compositions. (Copyright laws prevent me from posting recordings of commercial music still under copyright protection.)

Life is meant to be GOOD; with a bit of conscious effort, we can make it GREAT...or at least...a LOT MORE FUN!


"I loved it! Your instructions were clear and it all made sense! It was FUN!"
- Susan Johnston -


The choice is yours. Would you rather take piano lessons for years and years, or simply play the songs you already know in only a few hours, as well as songs you compose out of your own creative mind...just for FUN...without having to buy expensive music?

The choice is always yours to make.