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Membership in Piano Magic Members Only (PMMO) gives you immediate access to all resources within the members area, any time of the day, so you can begin playing and enjoying your favorite tunes today! (If you haven't already done so, please review the Free Sample Lessons in advance of registering your membership.)

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One Year of PMMO


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Everything you'll need (except your piano or keyboard) is online and available for viewing, printing or downloading to your PC.

There are NO ADDITIONAL MATERIALS to purchase. More than 135 video files are posted within PMMO (more than 20 hours of video instruction, discussion and demonstration), as well as dozens of audio discussions, as well as hundreds of instructional posts and demonstrations within the PMMO Forums...and the number of downloadable audio/video files continues to grow each year.

As new audio, video or text is created, it is immediately presented for instruction, demonstration and discussion within the PMMO Interactive Forums - the heart of PMMO and too important for you to miss! New material appears almost daily. You get 'everything' with a One Year Membership, including whatever new material appears during that time.

At the time of this writing, the PMMO Interactive Forums contain over 81,178 instructor/member postings, in 5396 active discussions, covering all aspects of performing, including subjects like basic chords, cousin chords, hidden chords, chord variations, chord progressions,the Circle of 5ths for resolving accidental chords, improvisation, composition, rhythm patterns, Artistic Contrasts, playing melody, harmony and rhythm as either a Solo Instrumental Pianist or as accompaniment to a vocalist (or other instrument), etc.

The PMMO Forums are 'searchable' and contain every question ever asked by PMMO Members, as well as every response ever offered by the instructor. It is a vast resource...and grows daily!

What makes Piano Magic uniquely different from any other course you will find is not only the perspective of information, but the SUPPORT RECEIVED BY EACH STUDENT FROM THE INSTRUCTOR, Michael Anderson! That's ME! I'm here to make sure you succeed in finding great happiness with your playing!




Visitors to this web site often question me about the hype and wild claims made in the preceding pages. They say, "When something sounds too good to be's too good to be true!"

But what if it IS true? From MY perspective, there isn't a single word of hype in this site! I didn't create this web site to lie and hide from you. I'm HERE to PARTICIPATE with YOU! WHY? Because I KNOW what I'm doing...and so will you! :-)

Here's my solemn oath: Everything you have seen and read in the preceding pages is true to the best of my ability to tell it. Regardless of your previous playing experience, I have no doubt you will play beautifully...IF you follow my instructions and participate with me in the Forums. I'll do my best! How about YOU???

I'm here almost daily, sharing my natural talent, logical understanding and love for playing. In exchange, I charge a meager price for excellent information and life changing techniques, presented in an 'easy to understand' manner, with unbelievable personal support and availability.

If you want to play and feel GREAT about the sounds you create, Piano Magic Membership is THE DEAL OF A LIFETIME!! (Not word!)

For the best year you've had in a looooooong time...join us.



One Year of PMMO


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Priced at about TWO CENTS per hour
with EZ access and personalized assistance whenever you're ready,
24 hours per day, everyday, everywhere, from any PC in the world!

Internet Instruction = $0.02/hour
Private Instruction = $115.00/hour

Internet fee is 5750 TIMES LESS than the price of a ONE HOUR PRIVATE LESSON with Michael Anderson, but you'll get MORE than you need to last all year through!

Why One Fee?

Although the internet makes it EXTREMELY EASY to deliver great information (with text, audio and video) to potentially millions of piano students around the world (24 hours per day), the basis of Piano Magic Members Only is personalized one-on-one instruction with a professional performer. Because it's personal, the number of students who can access the PMMO area and Michael Anderson, is currently limited to only several hundred students.

There are more than 20,000,000 unplayed pianos collecting dust in homes across the United States alone (even more electronic keyboards)! Those instruments were purchased to be PLAYED; they were created to be PLAYED! If you have one of those dusty instruments, IT IS TIME for you to dust it off and PLAY the dang thang! IT'S FUN WHEN YOU KNOW HOW...and Piano Magic makes it easy as possible for you to sound GREAT in a minimum of time!
(THAT is a LOT of FUN!!)

Michael Anderson never paid any amount to learn how to play by ear! Instead, he has always been paid to use his talent and perform. However, creating and maintaining this web site, as well as personally interacting with members, requires a certain amount of time and money...and the membership fee covers that amount. However, if you would feel better paying more, please feel free to send it in! :-)
(Fun or's the cost of doing business!)

One of the most important reasons for continuing to maintain a very low instruction fee for personalized guidance, is to offer an extremely affordable opportunity for folks in other countries!
(If you are not a resident of the United States, please do not ask for a discounted fee based on currency exchange rates. The fee is already as low as possible, and worth far more than is asked!)

According to members, PMMO is a great deal at ten or more times the price! At about two cents per hour, it's unbelievable...but you won't know that until you check it out for yourself!

Michael Anderson says, "The information in PMMO opened musical doors of creative freedom for me and changed my life for the better. It can change your life as well! It will only take a few days (or less) for you to realize the value of your investment, not only in PMMO, but in your instrument!

  • According to my students, it's almost like magic!
  • According to their listeners, it is magic!
  • Between you and me, the real magic is how it makes you feel so good!
  • THAT is Piano Magic...and THAT is enough!

I am really excited about what I am learning. [Piano Magic] opened a door for me and I want to thank you - what a gift you've given me!
- Barbara Jones -

I am a woman who has many interests in life, but none as satisfying as playing the piano. It has always been my great desire to play the piano, but I always thought that would have to be in another lifetime. Thank you for helping to make my dream come true in this lifetime.
- Karen Handler -


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